Einstein The Producer Debuts ‘Spaceship To Mars’

Einstein The Producer is bringing out of this world excitement to the music universe with his hot new single “Spaceship to Mars.” It’s a hot party anthem ready to tear up dance floors worldwide. It’s just a sample of the aggressive high-energy sound you can expect from Einstein The Producer.

Looking for a mix of hot acts like Far East Movement (the group behind the hits “Like A G-6” and “Rocketeer”) and the unique style of Eminem? You’ve found it with Einstein The Producer. Einstein, just like his namesake, is a true genius.

Preview The Song Here

If you think about two of Einstein’s inspirations, Eminem and Far East Movement, these two acts are crank out similar, fast-paced, catchy rhymes set to an irresistible beat. You can easily find comparisons in Eminem’s catchiest hits and the energetic hits from Far East Movement and easily see where Einstein gets his influence.

Einstein is a true original, ready to impact the world of high energy dance music in much the same way Eminem forever changed the world of hip-hop. Don’t be left behind. Get in now on the out of this world fun of “Spaceship to Mars” and be among those to discover the next big thing right now.

Eminem and other pioneers in the industry got their start from a loyal fan base that grew to global proportions. Einstein is set to take off and soar to new heights. Now is the time to embrace the out of this world fun of “Spaceship to Mars.”

Listen to the “Spaceship to Mars” here: http://www.youtube.com/einstein503 Find out more about the next big thing, otherwise known as Einstein The Producer, here: http://www.therealeinstein.com Follow him on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/einsteintheproducer

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