Hot Boxin Music 2011 – 16 Bars

Ryan Laws is putting on a 16 bar contest of the top MC’s around. Its Easy. Heres how it works:

Spit Your Best 16 Bars

Your $100.00 to get the track makes it possible for Ryan to pay a professional to record the verse and the music…….plus he’ll be rewarding $150.00 to the freshest emcee depending on how many enter but its looking promising. “I aint stingy ill shoot that 150.00 to ya quick like.” he says “let us record your verse and record you live spittin it live on camera, we’ll edit this thing and post up online for you and your fans to watch all the artist come together to create Hot Boxin Music 2011″


Submit Your information Here To Spit your verse on the Track

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