Famous Bum Entertainment – Ryan Laws – Hot Boxin Music Taking OFF!!

Ryan Laws of Famous Bum Entertainment

Ryan Laws Holding His Go Pro HD Video Camera Ready To Shoot!

Today, Ryan Laws who owns and operates Famous Bum Music INC. is currently working on the Project HOT BOXIN MUSIC 2011. A film of emcees and artist coming together on one song, one video and Instrumental beat produced by Einstein The Producer (http://therealeinstein.com). Together they drive into the homes of Artist who are all at different places in life when it comes to music and the direction there taking it. Some are recording for the first time ever and have expressed their nervousness but there going to finally take the step and express to the public the talents they possess. Justin Wolf says “there’s a substantial amount of pain in my lyrics and if you don’t mind I’m ready to let you feel it.” Though speaking with Justin recently, he has so much material that he has acquired he really doesn’t know what direction he’s gonna go with on this track but he is going. We appreciate that Justin.

Sample of The Hot Boxin Music Beat 2011
Also included on this Project are Artist who are deeply in the movement and well trained as vocalist and performers. YNR, a group of 2 talented young emcees fit this category perfectly. Randolf Turner of YNR says, “Were Hot man yet were humble, so why would we pass up this oppurtunity. Are we busy, hell yeah me and Malik are busy doing shows and recording and if Ryan Laws and Einstein wanna show up at the crib with Audio and video recording, that makes it that much easier for us to do are thing.” Ryan says  “I remember when these kids were 10 years old and I taught Malik how to Pop Lock, a white boy teaching a young brotha how to Pop lock is a beautiful thing, I say he got a little swagger from me, i honestly think these 2 got what it takes to make it. When the music scene is mentioned YNR are mentioned so they must be doing something right.” Also getting involved in the project are Artist’s that have been around for along time now, some hard up for cash, some that have put there musical dreams on hold or watched and felt as the drive faded yet it just wont fade away completely. Despite hard economical times they’re still paying to be on the HOT BOXIN MUSIC 2011 Film and track. One artist by the name of DeShawn Jordan says “The Beat is Ridiculous and the price to get on is affordable.” Ryan Laws stated “Deshawn’s been dope since day one and I look forward to hearing this dude because its been awhile. Back in 2000 I could swear if anyone was gonna blow out of Salem it was Deshawn soley based on Lyrics and delivery alone.”
Hot Boxin Music 2011 is a community based project designed to merge the industry. Its purpose is to produce a very hot track and supply a foundation for local talent to meet together and work together. “Even though we are far from establishing a community the way that we would like, we need to start somewhere” says Einstein The Producer. Hot Boxin Music is that start. Set your ego aside, be apart of something solid and great for a developing artist portfolio. We are here to help you in your Art. Email us today don’t wait: Contact – Hotboxinmusic@gmail.com
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  1. August says:

    Much love & luck boyz!

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