Peezee Hits Hot Boxin Music in A Black Benz

Peezy Scene Hot Boxin Music 2011

On Sunday, April 17th, Hot boxin Music 2011 creators Ryan Laws and Einstein the Producer, spent the afternoon recording video and audio for Juan Perez aka Peezee. The video shoot consisted of a high def camera shooting wide angles in the hot summer temps, family BBQing in the front of the house, and filming Peezee driving to and from the local liquor store. Through a megaphone you could hear the words “Quiet on the set,” as Peezee was directed to drive through the parking lot. He was followed into the liquor store as the camera kept rolling he didn’t miss a beat of his 32 bar rap. When we arrived you couldn’t help but notice high end cars, classics and new models, parked in the drive way. This video shoot had all the dynamics of a Hip-hop music video. The fact that it took place while an actual BBQ was unfolding and being basked, the experience added an extra enjoyment to it all. Thanks for the oysters straight off the grill Peezee, great video, great song and an overall great day. Einstein And Ryan are both very excited to hit the editing room with this one.
Ryan’s Blog April 18th 2011
Hot Boxin Music 2011
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2 Responses to Peezee Hits Hot Boxin Music in A Black Benz

  1. Stranger... says:

    ryan whats up out there…..santiam killa!!…anyways spoke to you other day with lil peewee, nice to hear your rappin ass Dont kill the kids….haha..

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